Welcome to Motivational Matters

Trainers in Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy & CBT

We are a collective of clinicians delivering training in Motivational Interviewing and mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. We are committed to delivering sustainable, collaborative and client-centred training to individuals, groups and organisations.

What makes our training different?

  • All of our practices are based on a core set of person centred values.
  • It is solution focussed and therefore enhances confidence by building on participants’ current expertise.
  • It is based on the evidence of what works in training and how learning can be sustained.
  • We think in the long term and help trainees, and their employers, consider how gains in training will be maintained and embedded in their work setting

We support maintenance of learning through

  • Follow-up
  • Access to frequently updated audio and written resources